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The spot-ons

A qualitative spot-on formula contains a bio-diffusing vector, i.e. it uses a substance naturally present on the skin, the sebum, to transport all of the active ingredients through the animal’s body from a single point of application.

We recommend not to wash the animals 48 hours before or after applying the spot-on so that the sebum naturally present on the surface of the animal’s skin is not prematurely eliminated before the total diffusion of the active ingredients.

Our spot-on products are fully compatible with other antiparasitic spot-on. However, it is recommended to apply each one on a different day and on different spots in order not to soak the hair/skin.

Each pipette should be used entirely in one application. The precious essential fatty acids might be oxidized in open air.

Animal from 40 to 50 kg: 1 pipette of 2,4 ml + 1 pipette of 0,6 ml per application

Animal from 50 to 60 kg: 1 pipette of 2,4 ml + 1 pipette of 1,2 ml per application

Animal from 60 to 80 kg: 2 pipettes of 2,4 ml per application

Yes, its use on racing horses has been validated by an independent laboratory, specialized in the certification of non-doping products in horses. A protocol of blood and urine analysis was put in place and no trace of doping substance was detected after application of Essential 6® spot-on.

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