Purify the skin

Microbiota: watch out for imbalances!

Like in humans, the skin of animals naturally hosts many microbes. This is called the skin flora or microbiota. Normally, this skin flora balances itself, but it may happen that some bacteria or fungi in the microbiota multiply abnormally: this is a skin infection.

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1. Cleanse gently

Redness, pimples, pus discharge, unpleasant odors… Cleansing with suitable products that do not irritate or dry out the skin is essential to cleanse and purify

Purifying shampoo

Unbalanced skin flora

Rinse-free cleansing and purifying foam

Unbalanced skin flora

When you have a Bulldog, a Pug or a Sharpei… it is not always easy to clean the skin folds. Moisture, heat and friction promote maceration and microbial growth. For facial hygiene, as well as all the other hard-to-reach areas – spaces between the toes, corkscrew tails, etc. – opt for biodegradable wipes!

Purifying wipes

Areas hard to reach: folds, interdigital spaces, etc.

2. Purify effectively and naturally

The treatment of skin infections is often lengthy and onerous (oral antibiotics/antifungals, antiseptic shampoos, etc.), so take action as soon as the very first symptoms appear:

– Stimulate the skin’s natural defenses by rebalancing the microbiota

– Helps fight against germ communities called biofilms

Purifying spray

Unbalanced skin flora – Localized areas

Help, it's back again!

If the treatment prescribed by your veterinarian is not followed closely or if the pathology that caused the infection (allergies, parasites, etc.) is not adequately managed, one or more relapses will quickly occur. This situation can be very frustrating for you, your pet and the veterinarian: repeated use of medication, antibiotic-resistant micro-organisms leading to therapeutic failure… Promote a balanced skin flora and help control recurrences with natural complementary care:

Purifying spot-on

Unbalanced skin flora

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