Soothe itching and irritation

So itchy!

Animals tend to scratch themselves. It’s a normal behaviour, as long as it remains within reasonable limits. However, as soon as redness, excessive hair loss, dryness or a rancid odor appears, it is time to consult with your veterinarian to identify the cause of this itchiness:

Various causes

Fleas and ticks,
Mange, Mites

(pyoderma, etc.)
(Malassezia, etc.)

Atopic dermatitis
Food allergies,
Flea bites
or contact allergies

disorders, etc.: Anxiety,

1. Calm the fire!

Even if scratching brings immediate relief, it is only a temporary improvement. Very quickly, there is an increase in itching and a vicious cycle is created. Natural complementary solutions to medication are recommended to relieve your pet and break the vicious cycle.

SOS soothing spray

Itch – Redness – Allergic / atopic skin

2. Moisturize & strengthen skin barrier

Itching is the first sign of allergy-prone skin which is characterized by:

  • A damaged cutaneous barrier that makes the skin very dry and very sensitive
  • skin that is hypersensitive to allergens

Soothing & repairing spot-on

Itch – Redness – Allergic / atopic skin

Moisturizing fluid cream

Very dry areas – Redness – Allergic / atopic skin

Moisturizing protective spray

Dry & fragile skin – Allergic/atopic skin

3. Choose a suitable cleansing care

  • To remove dirt & allergens from the skin’s surface
  • To quickly help relieve itching

Soothing shampoo-cream

Itch – Redness – Allergic / atopic skin

Rinse-free cleansing and soothing foam

Itch – Redness – Allergic / atopic skin

Soothing wipes

Areas hard to reach: folds, interdigital spaces, etc.

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