Manage their boo-boos

Dermatologie vétérinaire du chien, chat, cheval & NAC


Hyperkeratosis is a skin disorder caused by an excessive production of keratin which mainly affects the nose and the paws. The skin thickens and cracks may appear.

Soins naturels pour Chiens, Chat, Cheval & NAC
Soins naturels pour Chiens, Chat, Cheval & NAC


Very common in large dogs, calluses are a normal response to repeated pressure on hard surfaces. The hairs fall off and a greyish-blue circular lesion forms with a crusts and cracks. These usually form in the elbow.

Soigner coussinet chien & gérer ses bobos

SOS paw pads

Your pets’ paw pads are naturally resistant, but can be put under severe stress in certain situations :

Intense or prolonged physical activity

Long walks, canicross, agility,
hunting, dog sledding

Overheating – Micro-cuts
– Abrasions

Extreme weather conditions

Snow and frost in the winter –
Hot ground in the summer

Inflammations – Cracks
– Burns

Only one way to pamper them

Repairing & protective balm

Dry nose & pads – Calluses

Little boo-boos

Depending on their environment and living conditions, your pets may be subjected to superficial injuries:

Wounds that are
slow to heal


1st degree

and scratches

In these cases, a little help may be needed to accelerate the skin’s natural healing process.

Repairing gel-serum

Damaged skin – Superficial lesions such as scratches …

Protect your pets against sunburn!

Did you know that the sun can also be dangerous for your pet? Despite the protection offered by their coat, dogs and cats are sensitive to ultraviolet rays (UVA and UVB):

High protecting

SPF30+ & hydrating sun care

Light-colored coat – Sensitive areas (ears, nose, abdomen, etc.)