Eliminate dandruff and reduce hair loss

Two mechanisms involved

1. Accelerated skin renewal process

When the skin regenerates too quickly, mature cells accumulate on the surface and flake off: this is dandruff.


Skin renewal process

2. Abnormal sebum production

Excess sebum, which is supposed to sheathe the fur and make it shiny, can actually make the coat greasy, produce bad odors and cause excessive shedding. The same goes for excessively dry fur.

What products should I use?



Dandruff – Bad odors – Hair loss – Oily skin

cleansing foam

Dandruff – Bad odors – Hair loss – Dull coat – Oily skin

The winning skincare duo

To better help manage dandruff and hair loss, act simultaneously from the outside and the inside.

Essential 6® spot-on

– A pipette to apply between the shoulder blades: a simple two-second gesture per week

– A tasty tablet to give once a day

Hydrating regulating spot-on

Dandruff – Bad odors – Hair loss – Oily skin

Food supplement

Fragilized coat and claws – Hair loss

5 good reasons to love the Essential range

Helps eliminate


Helps slow down
hair loss


Slows down hair loss

Natural ingredient-based

Easy to use

Scientifically proven