Dermoscent, des produits innovants
Dermoscent, des produits innovants
Dermoscent, des produits innovants
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Naturally efficient

The best of plants for
your pet's skin health!

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Dandruff? Bad odors ?
Hair loss?

Essential 6® spot-on, a practical pipette
for all their skin problems

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Ear hygiene

Discover the right way to cleanse
their ear canals naturally

Laboratoire Dermoscent®

Faire la peau aux problèmes cutanés de votre animal, c'est le métier du laboratoire Dermoscent

Practical & efficient products, made of 100% natural ingredients, manufactured in France and sold by veterinarians in their clinics.

Rediscover the pleasure of cuddling your pet!

It's our mission to take care of skin disorders!

Soins dermatologiques vétérinaire avec 100% actifs naturels

Our products

Rinse-free cleansing foam

Dandruff – Bad odors – Hair loss – Dull coat – Oily skin



Dandruff – Bad odors – Hair loss – Oily skin

Food supplement

Fragilized coat and claws – Hair loss

Repairing and protective balm

Dry nose & pads – Calluses

Our tips

Conseil vétérinaire pour chat, chien, cheval & NAQ

Bathing your cat or doglather them up!

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