Cleanse gently with or without rinsing

Take care of your housemate!

Dogs and cats are true members of the family. As a “parent”, you’re responsible for ensuring the health and well-being of your little companion, but you should be able to live comfortably with them, without bad odors or hygiene issues!

Chien enroulé dans une serviette de bain, tenant une brosse dans la gueule

The bath: an essential care ritual

Debris, dirt and dust can build up on your pet’s skin and fur. In sensitive animals, this can cause irritation and can also lead to microbial proliferation.
Regular cleansing is therefore essential to the well-being of your pet and will help restore all the pleasure of cuddling!

Hygiene with water

What products should I use?

  • A product specifically designed for animals that is adapted to their skin pH.
  • No products for humans or babies, as you risk damaging their skin.

Extra-gentle physiological shampoo

All skin and coat types -Fragile skin of puppies & kittens



Dandruff – Bad odors – Hair loss – Oily skin

Soothing shampoo-cream

Itch – Redness – Allergic / atopic skin

Purifying shampoo

Unbalanced skin flora

5 great reasons to love Dermoscent® shampoos

Soap-free and very gentle for the skin

No added fragrance

Pleasant and easy to use

Helps strengthens the skin barrier

A brighter, silky coat

Chaton jouant avec l'eau du robinet



Help! My pet doesn't like the water!

Choose our rinse-free mousses or wipes: they’re convenient, fast and perfect for on the go!

Rinse-free cleansing foam

Dandruff – Bad odors – Hair loss – Dull coat – Oily skin

Rinse-free cleansing and soothing foam

Itch – Redness – Allergic / atopic skin

Rinse-free cleansing and purifying foam

Unbalanced skin flora

Purifying and soothing wipes

Areas hard to reach: folds, interdigital spaces, etc.

Make life easier in any situation

Lack of time or space

After a walk or on a trip

To space out baths, or if your pet is difficult to bathe

Elderly or sick pets