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The essential oils

According to toxicologists, toxicity regarding essential oils used on cats is a matter of dosage and concentration.

Please be reassured that Dermoscent® products are carefully dosed to enable maximum of efficacy and safety simultaneously, proven through numerous clinical studies.

All the essential oils used in our products are selected by specialists in aromatherapy and are organic-certified for the most part. Our selection criteria:

  • 100% pure and of natural origin
  • Known molecular composition
  • Botanical origin and part of the distilled plant
  • Safety
  • Efficacy, through renowned properties

Considering the precautionary principle and without data to support use in this specific population, we do not recommend it.

As a general rule, pregnant women should not use essential oils. For precautionary reasons, we recommend avoiding the use of the Dermoscent® range if the owner of the animal is pregnant.

In the absence of data on animals aged 3 months or less and if your puppy/kitten does not show any particular problems, we would recommend that you wait until 6 months of age before administering our dermo-cosmetic care with natural active ingredients.

"Do not swallow" is indicated on all of our products. As dermo-cosmetics, these products are not intended to be ingested. However, we consider the fact that animals can groom themselves by licking and we assure you that it remains harmless. Nevertheless, in order for the product to act on the skin, we advise you to keep your pet close to you until the product is absorbed.

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