Laboratoire de Dermo-Cosmétique Animale (LDCA)

It is the mission of LDCA to provide prescribing veterinarians and pet owners with natural and innovative skincare products, which are safe, efficient and easy to use, allowing to complement therapeutic treatments and avoid an excessive use of medicines.

The origins of the laboratory: the creation of a new concept

It was in 2003, in the heart of the Tarn department (France) that the concept behind the laboratory was created.
One of the three founders of the company, an experienced veterinary practitioner, with two experts on human dermo-cosmetics as associates, at that time, came to a clear conclusion: most of the products intended for animal dermatology are used exclusively within a therapeutic context. Therefore, they jointly decided to put the scientific progress of human dermo-cosmetics benefits at the disposal of veterinarians, on the level of the product formulation, as well as the choice of the ingredients, to enhance the range of complementary and/or alternative treatments for animal dermatology.

Going from the position of a pioneer to that of the leader in animal dermo-cosmetics

Thanks to the innovative concept of animal dermo-cosmetics implemented by a group of proficient experts, in a natural way, LDCA through its Dermoscent® brand, has become a major player in the veterinary field, maintaining its position as an independent French company.
Qualified as ‘Jeune Entreprise Innovante’ (young innovative company) since being set up in 2003, LDCA has never stopped developing by veterinarians’ sides throughout the world, enabling it, over the years, to assert its position as world market leader in veterinary dermo-care.

Research and development as top priorities

The Dermoscent® products are developed by veterinarians for veterinarians. That is why all the Dermoscent® products are exclusively commercialised in veterinary clinics, in France as well as internationally.
Every formula is developed by a technical team composed of veterinary dermatologists and pharmaceutical specialists in dermo-cosmetics.