PYOclean® Wipes

PYOclean® Wipes

Purifying wipes to enhance the control of localised skin infections

PYOclean® Wipes is a soap-free and alcohol-free cleanser, specifically developed to optimise the management of localised skin infections in dogs and cats. Thanks to their practical size and their innate strength, PYOclean® Wipes are easy to use. Containing a natural antimicrobial complex: the PhytoC-2®, PYOclean® Wipes make it possible to easily purify, soothe and moisturise the targeted areas, even those that are the most difficult to reach, such as folds, interdigital spaces, corkscrew tails etc. or in case of chin acne.

100% biodegradable

Price : 10.00 €

Take a wipe out of the sachet, by lifting the right-hand side of the label on the top. Cleanse the affected areas once or more times a day, or according to the veterinary professional’s advice.

Intended for single use, the wipe should be disposed of after each use. Reseal the sachet after each use to maintain the efficacy and freshness of the product.

Formulated with the natural complex PhytoC-2® containing, amongst other things, antiseptic essential oil of cajputi, PYOclean® Wipes are also enriched with soothing allantoin extract and vegetable hemp oil, which is rich in essential fatty acids (Ω 3 and 6). The formulation of the cleansing base contains a saponaria root extract and lipoaminoacides from green apples.

  • PYOclean® Wipes are practical to use in all circumstances, including when travelling

  • Ultra-gentle cleanser, ideal to complement the treatments 
  • Complementary to PYOspot®, the spot-on for all general cases

The qualities of PYOclean® Wipes have been appreciated by a panel of 20 dog/cat owners.

Percentage of satisfaction

Cleaning power : 81%
Purifying efficacy : 81%
Ease of use : 96%
Smoothness: 80%
Solidity: 75%
General appreciation: 92%