Protective and stimulant skin care for seniors

Your animal is part of the family, you love him and want to see him grow old happily and healthily. You certainly noticed that, as for humans, his/her capacities gradually decline (fatigue, sleep disturbance, isolation, lack of liveliness, decreased interest in playing, walking...).

SILVER Spot® is an innovative skin care to help manage behavioral disorders of aging dogs and cats. This spot-on based on natural ingredients helps improve the well-being and stimulate weakened animals while hydrating the skin and protecting it thanks to its antioxidant action.

Price : 22.00 €

Break the top of the pipette, part the coat of the animal and apply SILVER Spot®, between the shoulders, at one or 2 spots directly on the skin. 
No massage required; a bio-diffusing agent will allow a homogeneous distribution of the product all over the animal’s body. Brush the coat at the application spot the next day to remove any potential residues of the product and to allow an optimal distribution on the skin.
It is recommended not to bathe the animal during the 2 days before and after the application. 
No incompatibility in case of a combined use with any other «spot-on» products.
Apply one pipette per week for as long as necessary.

In practice?

Find out more about the application
of Dermoscent® spot-on on video!

The efficacy of SILVER Spot®  is based on:
  • A synergy of essential oils rich in ravintsara, oregano and lavandin with revitalizing properties.
  • Several marine plant extracts with moisturizing and restructuring properties (salicornia and samphire) combined with vegetable hemp seed oil rich in essential fatty acids (Omega 3 and 6). 
  • A unique combination of ingredients with antioxidant properties perfectly dosed: goji berries, ginseng and grape seed oil, emblematic of the SILVER range.

  • SILVER Spot® helps lessen age-related behavioral impairments (decreased interest in playing/walking/interacting, deterioration of alertness).
  • Senior animals sometimes have mobility issues and the bath can quickly become a challenge! Thanks to a simple action of 2 seconds per week, SILVER Spot® brings an ideal solution to reduce shampoo frequency.
  • SILVER Spot® helpsfight against the signs of skin aging (skin dryness, fragility, shedding, dull / brittle hair, hair loss, bad smell, etc.).

The efficacy of SILVER Spot® has been demonstrated through an open study conducted on 22 pet owners of aging pets.

Evaluation of the general attitude and of the interactions with the environment thanks to a scoring method. 
0 = Depressed/withdrawn
1 = Indifferent
2 = Neutral
3 = Lively
4 = Very lively/sharp
D0 ==> 1,86
D28 ==> 2,64
0 = Not interested
1 = Very reluctant
2 = Reluctant
3 = Motivated
4 = Very motivated
D0 ==> 2,23
D28 ==> 3,23

Improvement of all criteria
Odor: +271%
Fur shine: +226%
Hair loss: -43%
Dandruff: -68%