ATOP 7® Hydra Cream

ATOP 7® Hydra Cream

Deep moisturizing fluid cream

A well moisturized skin is more resistant and better protected against pathogens and environmental aggressions.
A deep dehydration could cause discomfort and vulnerability of the skin.

ATOP 7® Hydra Cream is a skin care which helps nourish and protect dry or allergy-prone skin of dogs and cats. Thanks to its fluid and light texture, ATOP 7® Hydra Cream penetrates instantly to:

  • Relieve immediatly distressed skin,
  • Soften and nourish actively the skin,
  • Hydrate durably the skin and reinforce its barrier function.

Price : 16.00 €

ATOP 7® Hydra Cream addresses dry depilated areas on thickened skin and/or rough skin surface. These areas are generally localized at groin folds or armpits for example.

Apply evenly allowing an instant skin absorption. Use at least twice a day on the affected area. Do not apply on coat.

The body organism cannot synthesize essential fatty acids (EFA) and the skin thus needs to be replenished with local application of skin care like ATOP 7® Hydra Cream. Made of hemp seeds oil particularly rich in EFA, the formula of ATOP 7® Hydra Cream is dosed with a balanced ratio in Omega 3 and 6 in order to efficiently reinforce the skin barrier. 

Thanks to their hydrating, emollient and restructuring effect, the sodium PCA (natural moisturizing factor), the glycerin and the squalane from olive nourish actively and soften the epidermis. A red microalgua extract, with filmogenic properties, creates a protective shield at the skin surface. Finally, the essential oil of orange helps deter pets from licking.

  • For a better management of irritated or allergy-prone skin, it is recommended to combine ATOP 7® Hydra Cream with Essential 6® spot-on, the fundamental multifunctional care to boost skin barrier, ATOP 7® Spray+, the steroid-free soothing emulsion with a protective « second skin » effect and ATOP 7® Shampoo, the soothing shampoo-cream.

The hydrating effect of ATOP 7® Hydra Cream has been demonstrated by a study conducted under veterinary control.

This study demonstrates that 8 hours after application, the skin of dogs and cats is still moisturized at 78%*.

* Considering that the hydration rate at first application is 100%