High protection moisturising sun care (SPF30+) for sensitive areas

Thanks to its natural reflective mineral sunscreens, SunFREE efficiently protects the vulnerable or fragile skin of dogs and cats against UVA and UVB, while providing reinforced hydration. SunFREE is easy to use thanks to its texture which is water resistant, non-greasy and non-sticky.
Certified UVA/UVB

Price : 16.00 €

Apply SunFREE on the areas that need protection before sun exposure. Regularly renew the application (every 2 hours), as well as every time after bathing (for dogs), to guarantee an optimal protection. Cleanse the area after exposure.

Use the product within 12 months after opening it. Otherwise, make sure to purchase a new one every year.

The efficacy of SunFREE is based on its non-chemical sun screens, titanium dioxide and aluminium oxide, and on vegetable wax from candelilla, which has moisturising properties.

  • SunFREE is recommended for skins that are insufficiently protected (with sparse hair, in areas such as the abdomen, ears, nose, the hindquarters of animals with lighter coloured hairs, animals without hair or with hairs missing, or after being clipped).

  • Particularly indicated to protect animals suffering fromdermatological disorders or with scars from recent wounds.

  • REMINDER: Make sure that your pet regularly drinks to avoid any possible dehydration. Never leave your pet on its own in a car in full sun.

The moisturising quality of SunFREE has been established as follows:

Dog   Cat

1 hour after application : +28.2%


1 hour after application : +28.2%

5 hours after application : +51.9%


5 hours after application : +51.9%

8 hours after application : +39.1%


8 hours after application : +39.1%