PYOclean® Oto

PYOclean® Oto

Purifying ear cleanser

PYOclean® Oto is a purifying ear cleanser specially developed to cleanse the ear canal, particularly in dogs, cats and rabbits suffering from recurrent otitis externa
Packed in monodoses, it helps prevent any cross-contamination between ears (use of cleanser from a bottle can lead to germs being transferred from one ear to the other in case of otitis). 
PYOclean® Oto is made of natural ingredients with soothing, antibiofilm and antimicrobial properties which help eliminate earwax, debris and soothe inflammation. Thanks to its non-irritant formula with physiological pH, PYOclean® Oto safely cleans and purifies even the most sensitive ears. 

Price : 16.50 €

Shake before use.

  • Break and remove the snap-off top by twisting it (1)
  • Instill the whole contents into the ear canal (2)
  • Massage the ear canal from the base of the ear
    towards the orifice (3)
  • Then wipe away any excess product.

Use 1 single dose for each ear for as long as necessary according to your vet’s advice.

How does this translate into practical reality?

Find out more about the application 
of PYOclean® Oto on video!

PYOclean® Oto contains:
  • lipoaminoacids from green apples which are extra-gentle cleansing agents.
  • honey and propolis, combined with essential oil of red myrtle which soothe irritation while having an antimicrobial effect. 
  • N-acetylcysteine from natural origin which helps fight against community of germs, called a biofilm, contributing to antibiotic resistance and recurrent otitis.

PYOclean® Oto can be recommended:
  • During otitis externa: before the treatment to cleanse and prepare the canal. 
  • For regular use to avoid relapses: once a week during 1 month followed by once every other week for as long as necessary.
Ask your veterinarian for advice.

The efficacy of PYOclean® Oto has been evaluated through several studies conducted under veterinary supervision. One of them has been carried out in dogs suffering from otitis externa with following results:

Percentage of change between Day 0 and Day 84

Improvement of cerumen elimination: +43%
Redness: -91%
Itching: -75%