Potential refund from your pet insurance policy!

Insurance for dogs and cats

Maybe you have already taken out insurance for your pet? More and more people are taking out insurance to benefit from the reimbursement of medical expenses for their companion.

Partial or total refund depending on the option selected

Most traditional policies will refund standard costs such as consultations, medication, tests, hospitalization, etc. Therefore, the cost of the policy pays for itself very quickly.

But did you know that there are also "premium" policies that reimburse the costs incurred from preventive treatments? By choosing this option, vaccines, pest control products or even your favorite Dermoscent® skin care products could be taken care of! A godsend if your furry friend suffers from a chronic disease such as atopic dermatitis, recurrent ear infections, urinary tract infections, etc.


How does it work?

Policies generally involve paying an annual lump sum. You send the treatment form and the invoice to your insurer and they reimburse you straight back into your bank account. 
Some examples of Dermoscent® products that are reimbursed by Santé Vet in France:

  • Our soothing ATOP 7® Spray
  • Our purifying ear cleanser PYOclean® Oto
  • Our cranberry food supplement Uti-Zen®



Ask your clinic for advice!