Overdue for vaccination: is it a problem for my pet?

During lockdown, vet surgeons focus on urgencies to save lives, vaccines for your furry friends might not come around as priorities in the clinics.

If your furry companion already received a booster dose in the past 2 or 3 years, most of these vaccines can be extended for several months more since animal immunity lasts usually a bit longer than the official duration given by the manufacturer.


For kittens and puppies who have not yet been vaccinated or have only received their first injection, some measures should be taken:

  • keep them inside as much as possible

and particularly for puppies,

  • bring them in places where the risks are minimized (urban areas by avoiding pooping spots...)
  • limit their contacts with others animals
  • no outdoor bathing
  • prevent them from drinking stagnant water

Once the sanitary control will be lessened or resolved, your vet surgeon will be able evaluate the consequences on your dog’s or cat’s immune protection in order to recommend you the most adapted solution to maintain or restore it.