Guide dogs for the blind: continued support every year

Guide dogs for the blind

In France, nearly 2 million1 people have problems with their vision but only 1% of them2 have a guide dog.

How much does a guide dog cost?

Guide dogs are given free of charge to visually-impaired and blind people. From their birth until they are matched with their new owners, all of the costs involved in raising (accommodation, food, veterinary care, etc.) and training a guide dog must be funded by donations:

  • Birth at the breeding centre
  • Placement in a host family for pre-training: from 2 to 12 months old
  • Specific training at school: from 6 months old, up to 18 months


There are many people involved at every stage: researchers, veterinarians, dog handlers, instructors, trainers, etc. The visually impaired must also complete training to learn to lead and take care of their new companion. The association also needs money to ensure the follow up of the owner-dog pair after they have been matched but also to rehome withdrawn dogs (those who have not been able to become a guide dog for medical or behavioral reasons) or retired dogs (getting a new guide dog is generally considered once they reach 8 years old).

The estimated total cost of a guide dog is €25,0003


Why has Dermoscent® chosen to become involved? 

Promoting animal well-being and also developing the relationship between an owner and his/her companion are values that Dermoscent® shares with the FFAC. Therefore, several years ago, our brand of natural dermo-cosmetics decided to get involved in this solidarity chain. This commitment translates into a regular donation in order to help the association provide more and more guide dogs to the visually impaired.  Moreover, this donation is not the only action in favor of the visually-impaired. In order to facilitate their life, the Dermoscent® brand made its first packaging available with braille inscription and continued to offer this service on its whole range.




And if you gave, you too?