Dermoscent® is getting a new look!

New design of Dermoscent range

Maybe you have already noticed? Your favorite products have a new look!

Different packaging, same great formulas!


Dermoscent® has changed its packaging to reassert its key values:

  • What could be better than pictures of plants to represent our skin care products made from 100% natural active ingredients! And did you know these photos were not chosen at random? Caper buds, turmeric flowers, manuka flowers, etc. Each range is symbolized by one of these key ingredients.



  • We also took great care when choosing our materials. The laboratory has opted for packaging with a metallic effect to support its high-end and technical positioning.


  • Logos have also been redesigned with more contemporary shapes and colors. The term “Laboratory” is clearly associated with the brand logo because Dermoscent® has always placed a great deal of importance in research and development since its launch in 2003 (innovative formulas, scientific studies, etc.). 



The same great formulas!

The formulas used in our products remain unchanged to ensure they are just as effective.


Consult your vet to see the results for yourself!