Dermoscent® by your sides, the message of our president


Dear vet surgeons,

We, vet surgeons, in phase with our obligation of continuing necessary care to ensure the health and well-being of our companion animals are more than ever mobilized with courage without neglecting the security of our teams in very tough conditions. Vet surgeons in numerous European countries including France are as well mobilized at the first line to bring useful and adaptable materials to hospitals in combatting together the Covid-19 to help save lives.


Whole Dermoscent® team without exception being impacted by this crisis, conveys a profound thought for all vet surgeons and their teams.


Being so proud of belonging to our profession, capable of managing such a complex situation with calm, method and determination, I hereby wish you all the best. 


While waiting for the happy moment to see you again, take good care of yourselves and your beloved ones.


President of LDCA