Our commitments

LDCA attaches particular importance to respect for nature and throws itself into a concept of triple responsibility: social, environmental and societal.
  • Preserving the planet by acting in a reasonable way

    LDCA strives to limit its environmental impact and its use of natural resources. For that purpose, it gives priority to local partnerships. On the one hand, this approach enhances employment within the region and, on the other hand, it has a positive environmental impact, since the distances that are made by its transporters and staff are limited.
    The company also adheres to the eco-packaging charter and selects its packaging in such a way that they are maximally recyclable or biodegradable. LDCA also moderates the use of secondary packaging and raw materials are chosen with the utmost vigilance and rigour, with respect to ethics.

  • Accessible for all

    LDCA supports causes that are close to its heart. The company has engaged itself in favour of the visually impaired, putting packages at their disposal equipped with a reference in Braille writing. Since several years, it supports the Fédération Française des Associations de Chiens guides d’aveugles (FFAC, the French Guide Dog Federation) and it also cooperates with companies for workers with disabilities.

  • A quality management policy based on continuous improvement

    The quality management also takes up a prominent place within the company. Since the company has been set up, the management team has always cared about customer satisfaction and has been aware that a relation of trust is necessary for a good development of all the company activities. In order to reinforce and guarantee that trust, the setup of a quality management system became obvious. LDCA is ISO 9001 certified and it commits and drives itself towards continuous improvement.