Protective skin care for seniors

Your animal is part of the family, you love him and want to see him grow old happily and healthily. You may not realize it but, as for humans, some minor discomforts can appear along with age: the condition of your pet’s skin and coat can be degraded and his/her physical and mental capacities gradually decline (fatigue, difficulty in adapting to the environment, loss of appetite...).
SILVER Spot® is the 1st skin care dedicated to help senior dogs and cats to better cope with aging. Thanks to an innovative double approach, cutaneous & behavioral, this antioxidant spot-on with 100% natural ingredients helps protect the skin from free radicals and promotes its hydration, while strengthening the skin barrier function. It also helps improve the well-being and stimulate the weakened animal in a general way.

Price : 21.00 €

Break the top of the pipette, part the coat of the animal and apply SILVER Spot®, between the shoulders, at one or 2 spots directly on the skin. 
No massage required; a bio-diffusing agent will allow a homogeneous distribution of the product all over the animal’s body. Brush the coat the day after the application to remove any potential residues of the product and to allow an optimal distribution on the skin.
It is recommended not to bathe the animal during the 2 days before and after the application. 
No incompatibility in case of a combined use with any of the other «spot-on» products.
Apply one pipette per week for as long as necessary.

In practice?

Find out more about the application
of Dermoscent® spot-on on video!

The efficacy of SILVER Spot® is based on:
  • Several marine plant extracts with moisturizing and restructuring properties (salicornia and samphire) combined with vegetable hemp seed oil rich in essential fatty acids (Omega 3 et 6)
  • A unique combination of ingredients with antioxidant properties, perfectly dosed: grape seed oil, goji berries and ginseng, found in the SILVER range 
  • A synergy of essential oils rich in ravintsara, oregano and lavandin with revitalizing properties.

  • Senior animals sometimes have difficulties in movements and the bath can quickly become a challenge! Thanks to a simple action of 2 seconds per week, SILVER Spot® brings an ideal solution to reduce shampoo frequency.
  • It also substitutes the daily in-take of essential fatty acids (Omega 6-3).
  • SILVER Spot® helps fight against the signs of skin aging (skin dryness, fragility, shedding, dull / brittle hair, hair loss, bad smell, etc.) 
  • SILVER Spot® also helps lessen age-related behavioral impairments (decreased interest in playing/walking/interacting, deterioration of alertness).

The antioxidant efficacy of SILVER Spot® has been demonstrated by an independent laboratory
Moreover, the efficacy of SILVER Spot® has been proven thanks to a clinical study carried out by veterinarians on older dogs with age-induced behavioral impairments (decreased interest in their environment or activities, etc.). 
After 1 month of treatment, a significant improvement, in both cutaneous and behavioral evaluations, was noted by the owners, as soon from applying the 2nd pipette.