Food supplement to sustain the urinary tract comfort

Successfully used in human medecine for centuries, the cranberry now offers its benefits to companion animals.
Uti-Zen® contributes to the urinary comfort of your dog and/or cat especially if he/she is subject to urinary infections (also called bacterial cystitis). Uti-Zen® is very easy to use thanks to its breakable and palatable tablet presentation which favors spontaneous intake.

Price : 21.00 €

Give once daily according to animal’s weight following the usage recommendations below:

0-10 kg : ½ tablet per day

10-20 kg : 1 tablet per day

20-40 kg : 2 tablets per day

Regular and continuous administration is recommended for optimal results. The tablets can be given separately or easily crushed and mixed with regular diet.

Uti-Zen® is formulated with a premium quality cranberry powder obtained from the whole berries. The active constituents of cranberry such as vitamin C and polyphenols, including proanthocyanidins (PAC), are well known in helping limit the adhesion and proliferation of E. Coli bacteria on urinary tract wall and also for their powerful antioxidant effect.

Uti-Zen® is recommended: 
  • In combination with an antibiotic treatment in case of urinary infection
  • As a maintenance care for animals prone to infection relapses
  • For high-risk pets to anticipate the development of urinary disorders
    • Aged or stressed pets
    • Pets under immunomodulating treatment (corticosteroids or ciclosporin)
    • Pets with chronic diseases (diabetes mellitus, Cushing, hyperthyroidism, kidney failure, etc.)…

The efficacy of cranberry has been demonstrated through a study made on 6 dogs with recurrent urinary infections*.
  • Before the study: at least 3 relapses per year
  • With a daily dose of cranberry: free from relapse during 6 months
*Chou H-I. et al. Effects of cranberry extracts on prevention of urinary tract infections in dogs and on adhesion of Escherichia coli to Madin-Darby canine kidney cells. AJVR. 2016;77(4):421-427.